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How Many Statute Miles in a Nautical League?

A nautical league is a unit of length frequently employed in navigation, measuring three nautical miles or approximately 3.4523 statute miles. To put this into perspective, a statute mile, commonly utilized in the imperial and US customary systems, corresponds to 5,280 feet or 1,760 yards. This means that a nautical league is about 33.3% longer than a statute mile.

Converting between these two units can be beneficial in various scenarios. For instance, when examining a nautical chart, converting distances from nautical leagues to statute miles can provide a clearer sense of scale. Conversely, if you’re planning a sailing expedition, converting the trip’s distance from statute miles to nautical leagues can help ensure you have enough fuel.

Here are some illustrative examples of converting between nautical leagues and statute miles:

Example 1: To convert 5 nautical leagues to statute miles: 5 nautical leagues * 3 statute miles/nautical league = 15 statute miles

Example 2: To convert 10 statute miles to nautical leagues: 10 statute miles / 3 statute miles/nautical league = 3.33333 nautical leagues

Conversion Table: Nautical Leagues to Statute Miles

Nautical Leagues Statute Miles
1 3.4523
2 6.9046
3 10.3569
4 13.8092
5 17.2615
6 20.7138
7 24.1661
8 27.6184
9 31.0707
10 34.523

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the origin of the nautical league?

The nautical league has historical roots in maritime navigation. It was originally defined as the distance a ship could sail in one hour.

Why is it important to convert between nautical leagues and statute miles?

Conversion between these units is crucial for navigators and sailors to ensure accurate distance measurements and safe voyage planning.

Are nautical leagues still commonly used in modern navigation?

While nautical leagues have historical significance, they are less commonly used in modern navigation, with nautical miles being the preferred unit.

Can I use online tools or calculators for quick conversions?

Yes, various online tools and calculators are available to swiftly convert between nautical leagues and statute miles.


Understanding the conversion between nautical leagues and statute miles is vital for navigation and voyage planning. A nautical league is approximately 33.3% longer than a statute mile, making conversions crucial for precise measurements. While nautical leagues have historical significance, nautical miles are more commonly used in modern navigation. Online tools and calculators are readily available for quick and accurate conversions.

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