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How Many Square Feet in an Acre?

Here, We will explore How Many Square Feet in an Acre? Are you planning to purchase a house for your family or are you keen to buy farmland? Are you interested in opening up a poultry farm or agricultural land to grow golden wonderful wheat crops to sell? I think you might be more interested in land for your future restaurant for which you were planning all your life? Or might it be an area to start your entrepreneur adventures?

Whatever the reason may be, the first problem which you will face is how much land should get hold of. Then you will contemplate how to measure that piece of land and such questions will go on and on. Nevertheless, you don’t need to stress out yourself because this article will lay out all the answers to all your questions.

Why Do We Need to Measure Land?

The measurement of land has paramount importance in the process of purchasing lands and property. Whenever you purchase land, you measure it, you note it, and you make it registered under your name in government documents and do all the legal documentation so that the written amount of acres and square feet is yours to use. Perhaps you can work and build an empire on that land but again it should be measured and registered with the government to avoid annexation of your dreams.

How can You Measure the Land?

So now, let us take some time out and address your query about how you can measure land. The first thing you should be aware of is that there are myriad ways that are being used in various areas. Moreover, to calculate acreage, a person has to first arrange a measuring tape or any other instrument which you feel suitable to use.  A professional tip: Use a surveyor’s wheel if an area is large.

What to do primarily is to determine the length and width of that place. Note: Length is the longest dimension and width of the smaller ones. Then, multiple both to get an area in square feet or inches, whatever units you are using. Remember this method is only valid for square or rectangle lands. Then convert into just doing the simple calculation of conversion. If you don’t know, do not worry. We are always here to help you.

If the Land is Not Square or Rectangle

It’s simple, have a look at the following formulas and implement them in your calculation after identifying the shape of your land.

For Square,

                                                             Area = Length * length 

For Rectangle,

                                                             Area = Length * Width

For Circle,

                                                              Area = Pie * (Radius) ^2     note: Pie is equal to 3.142 or 22/7

For Trapezium,

                                                              Area = ½ * Height of trapezium * Sum of parallel sides

For Triangle,

                                                              Area = ½ * Base * Height

For Parallelogram,

                                                             Area = Base * Height

Basic shapes you may ever encounter.

What to Do if the Land is of Irregular Shape?

However, if you want to buy land that is not of regular shapes then you can simply take chalk or white powder to divide the land into regular shapes. Even you can use the grid method which you use to do in schools! Mark out the land into small boxes or squares of equal size and count them to get the area you are looking for.

How many Square Feet in an Acre?

There is a range of units that can be used in different area calculations. Moreover, different countries prefer different units. But how many square feet are there in an acre?

Here is the answer you were waiting for.

1 Acre = 43560 Square feet.

The calculation is quite easy, just take your calculators and multiply the number of acres with 43560 to get your acres. Isn’t it easy!

The following table might even clarify more.

SR. No. Acre /ac Square Feet / sq Ft Square Yards / sq yd. Square Meter / sq


Hectare  / ha Marla 
1 0.5 21780 2420 2023.43 0.20234 80
2 1 43560 4840 4047 0.40468 160
3 1.5 65340 7260 6070.28 0.60702 240
4 2 87120 9680 8093.71 0.80937 320
5 2.5 108900 12100 10117.1 1.01171 400
6 3 130680 14520 12140.6 1.21406 480

Formulas to know,

  • For Acre to Square yard, multiply the acre number by 4840
  • For Acre to Square Meter, for an approximate answer, multiply the vale by 4047
  • To convert Acres into Hectare, just divide the given acre area value by 2.471
  • For Acre to Marla, simply multiply the area value by 160

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What is an Acre?


What is an acre?

It is a unit used to measure land in British and the United States Customary systems. The symbol for an acre is ‘ac.’ Fun Fact: Traditionally, in the middle Ages, an acre was the area of land that could be plowed in one day by a yoke of oxen. Another amazing thing to know about is that an acre was derived from old English ‘cancer’ meaning ‘open field.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of a 1-acre lot?

A standard 1-acre lot is typically square, measuring 208.71 feet on each side. However, the shape of an acre can vary depending on the location. For example, in rural areas, an acre might be shaped like a rectangle or even an irregular shape due to its agricultural purpose. In urban areas, an acre is often divided into smaller, rectangular-shaped lots for housing development.

What are square feet?

A square foot enables you to measure the area. Ever wondered why Square foot is named ‘square foot.’ This is because it is an area made up of squares of 1-foot sides. It is mainly used in the United Kingdom, The United States, Singapore, Pakistan, China, and many more countries.

Why do we need the conversion of units?

Humans, back then, were in immense need of some type of conversion so that their documents and measurements could easily be communicated with those humans which were living on the other side of the globe.  So humans developed different units and transformations to make their life easy.


We hope all your questions are addressed in this particular article. We will end this by giving you a tip based on our experience. To help you recollect, just draw out a table on a chart and revise it on a regular basis. Or you can just keep those formulas in hand and use them whenever you want. This knowledge of transformation will always help you to be ahead of the seller or a customer. Surely nobody wants to be scammed on the size of the land they desire for.

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