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How Many Links in a Gunter’s Chain?

In the realm of measurement, Gunter’s chain stands as a testament to innovation and practicality. This unit of length, invented in the 17th century by Edmund Gunter, an English mathematician and astronomer, continues to find relevance in some countries, particularly the United Kingdom and Ireland, where it is employed for land measurement and surveying.

Defining Gunter’s Chain

Gunter’s Chain: Gunter’s chain is a unit of length equal to 66 feet, comprising 100 links, with each link measuring 7.92 inches. Gunter’s chain owes its existence to Edmund Gunter, who sought to develop a convenient unit of length for land measurement and surveying. This innovative chain rapidly gained acceptance and became the standard for land measurement in England and Ireland during the 17th century.

Continued Usage

Gunter’s chains continue to be employed in some countries, primarily for land measurement and surveying purposes. However, it’s important to note that the meter has become the standard unit of length in most nations.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why did Edmund Gunter invent Gunter’s chain?

Edmund Gunter invented Gunter’s chain to create a convenient unit of length for land measurement and surveying.

How does Gunter’s chain compare to the meter in terms of length?

Gunter’s chain is approximately 66 feet long, while the meter is roughly equivalent to 3.281 feet.

In which countries is Gunter’s chain still in use today?

Gunter’s chain is still employed for land measurement and surveying in countries like the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Are there specific contexts or industries where Gunter’s chain is preferred over the meter or other units?

Gunter’s chain is commonly used in land surveying and agriculture for its convenience in measuring distances.

How can Gunter’s chain be converted into other units of length?

Gunter’s chain can be converted into feet, meters, or other units using its defined length of approximately 66 feet per chain.


Gunter’s chain, a creation of Edmund Gunter in the 17th century, remains a valuable unit of length in specific countries, particularly for land measurement and surveying. Its historical significance and practicality continue to make it relevant today, despite the prevalence of the meter in most countries.

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