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How to Boil Eggs?

Today on this topic, I am telling you very interesting and useful information regarding How to Boil Eggs? because mommy loves cooking and making breakfast on daily basis for our family members with the passive of time. Waking early in the morning, filled with hope that you will make the perfect boiled eggs for breakfast and garnish them with some fresh chives. Well, it is a dream that we all wait for to come true.

But, alas! The reality is quite different. The eggs you picture to be smooth, soft, and scrumptious turn out to be hideous, hard, and awful. When will we be able to make the perfect egg of our dreams? The question haunts us almost every other night.

Well, it is time to say goodbye to those nightmares and start new because we have an amazing solution. Want to know How to Boil Eggs? Continue reading to unlock the professional, authentic recipe as well as some should-know tips!

The Step-by-Step Guide

Often, people fill a pan with water, put it on heat, and add eggs, cover, and leave until roughly 8-10 minutes have passed. Well, while this may be a simplified version of the recipe, it can turn boiling eggs into a challenging task for most beginners.

Similar to any other meal recipe, boiling eggs involves equipment, ingredients, and following instructions. Once you treat boiling eggs as a proper recipe, you will realize that precision and accuracy can make the result much more desirable. So, let’s begin the recipe!


To make boiled eggs, you require some basic equipment. These tools will help you make the perfect eggs with ease. While going through the list, ensure that you have it in your kitchen pantry.

  1. Pan or Pot: You will require a pan or pot to contain eggs, water, and boil them.
  2. Tongs: You will require tongs to pick the steaming boiled eggs from the hot water and transfer them. To substitute, you can use a deep spoon or any other utensil that can pick the eggs without spoiling them.
  3. Big bowl: You will require a big deep bowl to contain iced water when cooling the eggs. It is preferable to use a transparent glass bowl.

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Certainly, you need to have some ingredients and components to fulfill the recipe. To make boiled eggs, first, gather some eggs. The quantity depends on your preference, whether you want five eggs or twelve eggs. Next, get lots of water to fill the pot or pan. Also, you will require some ice to cool the eggs.


Now, once you have gathered the required ingredients and tools, it is time to make the boiled eggs. Follow the below-stated steps to make the perfect boiled eggs of your dream.

  1.  Fill the pot or pan with eggs. Make sure that the eggs have some space between them. They must be comfortable and not stacked. Too many eggs can crack them or else ruin the results.
  2.  Now, fill the pot or pan with water. Only fill the water until it is one inch above the eggs. Do not fill too much water.
  3.  Next, put the pan or pot on heat and bring it to a rapid boil. It may take around five to eight minutes.
  4. Once the violent bubbling starts, cover the pot or pan with a lid and remove it from heat.
  5. Leave the eggs in hot water, depending on the type of boiled egg you desire.
  6. Once done, fill a big bowl with ice and some water.
  7. Use tongs to transfer boiled eggs from the pot or pan to the bowl of iced water.
  8. Let the eggs sit for around ten minutes to completely cool. If you want to eat warm eggs, then let the eggs rest for a few minutes only.

Types of Boiled Eggs

Types of Boiled Eggs

Often, people think that there is only one boiled egg type. But, did you know that there are four different types of boiled eggs? These types differ from each other only in terms of yolk texture and appearance. The flavor and outside of the egg remain the same in all the types of boiled eggs. To create any of the following types of boiled eggs, you will have to monitor the time. Learn how to Boil Eggs with different yolks!

Type1: Runny yolk

The runny yolk has a fluid nature and appears to be dark yellow. It is best to eat boiled eggs with runny yolk when they are warm. To make runny yolk boiled eggs, let the eggs rest in hot water for around 4-minutes.

Type2: Soft yolk

A little less fluid, the soft yolk has a wobbly nature, or you can say it is semi-solid. Also, it appears to be lighter yellow than the runny yolk. To make a soft yolk boiled egg, let the eggs rest in hot water for around 6-minutes.

Type3: Cooked yolk

Now, if you wish for a soft yet fully solid boiled egg, then the cooked yolk is an idealistic option. It has a solid and soft nature, and it is the lightest in color. To make a cooked yolk boiled egg, let the eggs rest in hot water for around 8-minutes.

Type4: Hard yolk 

A hard-boiled egg refers to the hard nature of the yolk inside. Also, the yolk color is slightly dark. You can slice hard-boiled eggs and add them to salads as well as sandwiches. To make hard-boiled eggs, let the eggs rest in hot water for around 12-minutes.


Hopefully, up till now, your query about how to Boil Eggs has been resolved. Good Luck making the perfect boiled eggs!

Frequently Asked Questions


How to Peel the Egg Perfectly?

Similar to boiling, peeling an egg perfectly can be a daunting task. Often, while peeling, the egg bits come out with the shell making the appearance quite ugly. Although this does not affect the taste of the eggs, it will ruin your meal presentation.

To avoid the situation, you can opt for older eggs as this condition is mostly gets observed in fresh eggs. Also, while boiling, you can add a teaspoon of baking soda or vinegar. Or, use a needle to poke the bottom of the egg before boiling. There are a lot of tips, but these ones are most likely to help you peel the eggs smoothly and perfectly.

How long does it take to properly boil an egg?

Assuming you are boiling a standard large egg, it will take approximately nine minutes to reach a fully cooked state. To achieve a soft-boiled egg with a runny yolk, seven minutes should be sufficient. For hard-boiled eggs, aim for 12 minutes of cooking time.

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